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Tree & Shrub Care



Let us help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Our basic tree and shrub program consists of 6 applications throughout the season.

The objective of our program is to maximize your ornamental plants health enabling them to naturally resist the impact of diseases, insects and environmental stresses.

We accomplish this with a combination of strategies including plant fertilization, preventative topical applications and curative insect and disease control.


A typical program consists of the following applications:

Early Spring

Horticultural oil to suppress over-wintering eggs, immature and adult insects and fungal spores.


Insect control sprays target common leaf sucking and chewing insects. Disease control is aimed at minimizing active leaf spotting diseases and rust.

Late Spring

Continued disease and insect control. Insect control is aimed at bagworms, spider mites and scale.

Early Summer

This application is for the control of Japanese beetles.

Late Summer

Spider mites and foliage feeding insects are the target of this spray application. Continued disease control as needed.

Fall Sub-surface Root Feeding

A well balanced fertilizer that provides necessary nutrients to encourage root development.


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